Polymer Additives

Phosphorus and bromine-based flame retardants, plasticizers and phosphorus and bromine derivatives – the Polymer Additives business unit has a wide range of duties. And highly specialized at the same time.

Due to their high efficiency, brominated flame retardants are frequently used in the construction and electronics industries.

In addition to highly efficient flame retardancy, the phosphorus-based flame retardants Disflamoll® and Reofos® offer further advantages such as easier processability of the polymers and improved flexibility of the finished parts they are used to make. Under the brand names Armgard®, Levagard®, Disflamoll®, and Reofos®, the business unit offers a broad range of products for a variety of polymers including PU and PVC systems. These are used in the manufacture of flame-retardant articles – including insulation, cables, printed circuit boards, foils, tarpaulins, floor coverings and seats.

Liquid Purification Technologies

Water – an indispensable resource

Water is a basic and crucial part of life. And its appropriate treatment is becoming increasingly important: rising population figures, a growing middle class in the emerging countries and increasing urbanization demand water to be available for more and more people in healthy and consistent quality – not only as drinking water, but also as industrial process water, for example in the energy, electronics, and food industries. However, water is becoming more and more a scarce resource. And in many places in the world it is still far from the standard of a food product. So, to make clean water available to everyone, LANXESS offers innovative technologies and proven products.

Lubricant Additives

Well lubricated and powerful

The Business Unit Lubricant Additives Business offers a comprehensive product portfolio of lubricants. It includes additives and additive systems, synthetic base fluids and ready-to-use lubricants.

Lubricants are an elementary component of all processes with moving parts. They ensure lower friction, reduce wear, protect against corrosion, enable optimum power transmission in hydraulic systems and transmissions and thus increase the service life of machines.

They are used, for example, in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, metal processing, shipbuilding and even in the aviation industry.


The specialist for Custom Manufacturing

With decades of experience and proven know-how, Saltigo is one of the leading companies in the area of custom manufacturing for customers in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and special chemistry. Thanks to a broad factory base in Leverkusen and Dormagen as well as recognized expertise in process development, complex production orders can be delivered reliably. Saltigo, a 100% subsidiary of the special chemical corporation LANXESS, profits from backwards integration in a top performing production network.

In addition to custom manufacturing Saltigo offers a broad pallet of Fine Chemical Intermediates for all industries as well as Saltidin®, one of the leading insect repellent active ingredients.

Advanced Industrial Intermediates

High-quality basic and fine chemicals enable innovative products

High-tech end products require optimized precursors – and the addition of the necessary production additives at the right moment. The Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit (BU AII) produces high-quality basic and fine chemicals for further processing worldwide. It is divided into five business lines and offers a broad product portfolio – with a wide range of applications.

Material Protection Products

Secure protection for your materials

Our Material Protection Products business unit develops active ingredients, preservatives and disinfectants. It protects materials against spoilage by microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, mold, viruses and algae.

The products are used in many industries and applications. These include agriculture, construction, electronics and wood, as well as the beverage and water industry sectors.

High Performance Materials

Engineering plastics made to measure

Our High Performance Materials business unit produces engineering plastics that are sold under the brand names Durethan®, Pocan® and Tepex®. Its largest customers are in the automotive and electrical & electronics, as well as in the furniture and construction sectors.

Due to their wide range of applications, engineering plastics meet a wide variety of requirements, some of which are in competition with each other. For example, they require thermal conductivity, must be weldable or meet flame retardancy requirements.

To meet the high demands of our customers, we have developed a special service called "HiAnt". The development of high-end applications is our main focus. It requires special engineering know-how and high-performance materials. In partnership with our customers, we develop innovative solutions from the concept through to the serial production.

Inorganic Pigments

Colors for all facets of life

Color is a versatile design tool – with enormous significance for everyday life. Because color is individuality – and expression. With the inorganic pigments of the Bayferrox®, Colortherm®, and Bayoxide® brands, LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of products that are used worldwide for coloring in various industrial applications.

Whether construction materials made of concrete or asphalt, paints and coatings, plastics or paper – the iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments of the Inorganic Pigments business unit give many everyday products the right color. The applications have proven themselves over the decades. Not least because of the high quality standards that have made LANXESS one of the world’s largest manufacturer of iron oxide pigments.

Rhein Chemie

Business lines for rubber, paints, and plastics

A durable car tire is the result of a complex manufacturing process – and the right mixing ratio. It is only through mixing the different components that a raw material becomes a high-tech product. For example, natural rubber is initially very soft – and susceptible to weathering. However, by mixing it in different proportions with other components, it becomes a high-performance product that can be used to make a wide variety of materials – gaskets, tires, and other rubber products.

The production of dyes for paints, coatings, and plastics is similarly demanding. Many different technical steps are necessary before drink bottles, cosmetics, and car bodies can appear as brilliant as we are used to.


LANXESS Distribution is focused on the marketing and distribution of premium chemical products, providing expert solutions and specialist advice to our customers.

Our Personal Care raw materials are notable for their high level of purity, making them especially suitable for the stringent quality requirements of the cosmetics industry.

Combined with our technical expertise, international network, flexible lot sizes and outstanding service, this has made us a reliable, long-term partner for the global cosmetics industry.

Urethane Systems

Your partner for customized polyurethane systems

Our Business Unit Urethane Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the polyurethane industry. Polyurethanes are versatile plastics or synthetic resins that have a certain hardness and can replace rubber or even metal. They are used in almost all industries, including the construction industry, metal processing, the paint and coatings industry, but also for tires and wheels.

Our focus is on low-free prepolymers. They have a particularly low content of free diisocyanate. The legal regulations regarding the concentration of free diisocyanates are becoming increasingly strict and difficult to meet. With our low-free polyurethane prepolymers, end products are placed in lower risk classes and classified as non-toxic.

LANXESS is the inventor and first commercial supplier of these prepolymers with less than 0.1 percent free diisocyanate. Today we have the largest offering of products across the most common aromatic and aliphatic diisocyanate types.


Everything under one roof

Leather is a natural material - durable and highly resilient. At the same time, leather has to be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing fashion trends, areas of application and performance characteristics - a high demand on manufacturers and suppliers. To meet these requirements, the LANXESS Leather business unit, as the innovation leader in sustainability, offers a complete portfolio for processing from raw hide to finished leather.


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